How can I get to Tonopah?

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  • The primary access to Tonopah is by highways US-95 and US-6; however, there are interesting alternative routes and side trips along the way
    • From Las Vegas and points south: US-95 north, or take the alternative route via US-93 and the Extraterrestrial Highway and stop by the Little A’Le’Inn. (Convention not responsible for alien abductions or misadventures at Area 51.)
    • From Reno and points north: US-95 south via Fernley
    • From the Bay Area and Sacramento: CA-120 through Yosemite, then US-6 east
    • From Los Angeles and Southern California: US-395 to Bishop, then US-6 east
    • From Utah and points East: I-80 to south US-95, or I-70/I-80 to I-15 to US-6 west
    • All parking is free
    • No parking structures; all parking is street-level; no clearance issues
    • RV parking available
  • The nearest commercial airports with substantial scheduled air service from multiple carriers are Reno and Las Vegas
    • Closer, but with far fewer flights, is Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH) in Mammoth Lakes, CA, approximately 125 miles from Tonopah. (Our thanks to Rick Moen for pointing this out to us.)
    • Private planes can fly to Tonopah Airport (the former Tonopah Army Air Field)
  • Nearest Amtrak station: Reno
  • Bus: There is no regularly scheduled bus service (the previous carrier ceased operations in December 2018)
    • Our committee intends to discuss possible charter opportunities from Reno and/or Las Vegas
    • Our Transportation Coordinator will help groups wanting to rent vehicles and share rides from the air and rail gateways
  • Horseback: The municipal corral quotes a $5/head/day fee
  • UFO: We recommend checking with the US Air Force in advance

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