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Meeting Announcements

Meetings of the SFSFC Board of Directors are generally open to the public. Because space is sometimes limited in our meeting venues, we ask that you tell the Secretary if you plan to attend a meeting so that we can make appropriate accommodations. In order to stay current with our announcements, we suggest subscribing to the RSS feed of postings from our main page, either using your favored feed aggregation program or a service such as Feed My Inbox, which will e-mail you when we post new announcements on the front page.

Forthcoming Board Meetings

SFSFC meets regularly in March, July, and November of each year. Meeting dates are tentative and may be rescheduled on short notice. Although meetings are open to any interested persons, we request that non-directors inform the secretary if they plan to attend, as meetings are sometimes held in private residences or in places with limited seating.

  • Saturday, November 19, 2022, 11 am Pacific Time
    This meeting will be held at a private residence, travel and COVID-19 pandemic conditions permitting. Contact the secretary at the address above for information about attending.