Code of Conduct/Anti-Harassment Policy

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[Adopted November 17, 2012]


SFSFC, Inc is chartered to promote and develop fantasy and science fiction in all their forms. SFSFC events include educational and social activities. Our goal is to show how fantasy and science fiction can be serious and artistic, and fun and accessible to everybody. We fail in that goal if we create an environment where harassment of attendees and participants is condoned. Victims of harassment will not enjoy an event and will not find fantasy and science fiction to be fun or accessible. SFSFC and its event-planning teams are committed to responding respectfully to reports of harassment and taking appropriate action to ensure harassment that is brought to our attention is stopped.

Corporate Policy

It is the responsibility of the chair or chairs of each SFSFC event to publish and enforce an anti-harassment policy.
This policy will include:

  • A non-limiting definition of harassment. Committees must be ready to respond to unanticipated types of harassment
  • Documented procedures making it easy for victims to report harassment
  • A list of actions the committee may and/or will take to separate a person who has engaged in harassment from his or her victim

The event’s anti-harassment policy may also include:

  • Conduct standards and training for committee members and operations staff receiving reports of harassment
  • A committee officer/address to contact for more information on the anti-harassment policy

When operating an event for another organization, the event anti-harassment policy must also comply with anti-harassment policies published by that organization. Similarly, when operating an event at a venue with a published anti-harassment policy, the event policy must comply with that policy. In case of differing organizational and venue requirements, event policy must comply with both.
Details of violations of an event’s anti-harassment policy must be forwarded to the SFSFC Board of Directors.

Policy examples, templates and reference materials from other organizations

Event committees are encouraged to review and learn from policies developed and implemented by other convention organizers.
This list of references may be revised at the direction of the SFSFC President without requiring a vote of the SFSFC Board.

Anthrocon (furry convention, Pittsburgh, PA)
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Geek Feminism Conference Anti-Harassment