ConFrancisco (Worldcon 1993)

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In 1993 SFSFC hosted the World Science Fiction Convention. Called ConFrancisco, the convention took place in San Francisco at the Moscone Convention Center from September 2 to 6, 1993. We would point you to its web site, but ConFrancisco was the last Worldcon that did not have one. (Yes, there once was a time when SF conventions did not have web sites. You had to wait for paper progress reports to come via postal mail. And you had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get the mail, too.) Considering that many of our committee members lived in or near Silicon Valley this is very embarrassing. Congratulations to the 1994 Worldcon, ConAdian in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for getting with the technology (archive of their web site here). There follow some salient details about ConFrancisco.


  • Larry Niven
  • Alicia Austin
  • Tom Digby
  • Jan Howard Finder
  • Mark Twain (Dead GoH)


A total attendance of 7,725, of whom 6,602 were fully paid WSFS members.

Hugo Awards

A list of the Hugo Awards given out at ConFransico (and a photo of the trophy) can be found on the official Hugo Awards web site.


  • Chair: David W Clark